Rick Simmonds

CSAM - Process/Factory Automation

Rick has been a part of the MRINetwork family since January of 1988. He was trained under “The Coach” David Oberting and was a part of one of the most successful offices in MRINetwork. While there he spearheaded the challenge of serving clients with partnering needs. He was instrumental in the training and hiring of new talent to serve those clients. This program was instrumental not only in the offices success but to his rise within the company.

In October of 1999 he opened The Simmonds Group. Straying from the MRINetwork was never an option. He continues his success with cash in well over 3.5 million dollars.

Rick is a perennial pacesetter within MRINetwork. Pacesetters are the “Best of the Best” with in the MRINetwork. Not only does he value the time spent with other elite members of the MRINetwork family, he values the time spent with his wife as a time to thank her for her contribution to his success. As The Simmonds Group grows at a exponential rate he has never forgotten his commitment to serving his clients and candidates